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Using the chase car model is delivering a strong solution in 2022.

Trade plate drivers are important team members.

Good drivers are in short supply.

They deserve to be treated fairly.

VQS believe the days of relying on lift sharing, using public transport, or using a client’s vehicles for shuttling drivers should be discarded into history. Both road and rail transport is still inconsistent in its timetabling with Covid implications, frequent cancellations of scheduled services, and debilitating union activity.

From 2019 VQS adopted the chase car model enabling all drivers to be fully supported, a process which is used today.

Simon Jackson, Managing Director believes the additional upfront investment and ongoing resourcing is an important part of the provision.

“Our drivers are expected to be with our customers on time, receptive, and focused on delivering a good handover experience. With the support that a chase car provides it means no driver is left stranded or beholden to someone else’s timetable. The chase car model isn’t cheap to operate but the business achieves a high performance of on time services. The key is planning efficiency and utilization.”

Simon added “We have recently added three more chase car teams to the logistics division. The Skoda Octavia chase car represents great reliability and value for money.”

If you need a consistently reliable trade plate logistics service VQS would be delighted to offer a solution.

Please drop our Logistics manager Tim Collins a line tcollins@vqsltd.co.uk or call 01332 814086 for terms.


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