Welcome to VQS. Our business success is built on three fundamental principles:

Independence dot Flexibility dot Expertise

VQS are the largest independent supplier of vehicle inspections in the UK. We operate nationally at client locations and provide full UK coverage with field-based inspections. Our inspect and collect service combines high quality costed inspections with a cost-efficient logistics service. We work with vehicle manufacturers, leading financial institutions, fleet and leasing businesses, and nationally recognised daily rental and car subscription operators.

VQS recognise no two clients’ needs and aspirations are the same. We flex and bespoke our services to meet the needs of each client. Our call centre is customer-focused, supporting the client’s core values. Dedicated account management ensures we are accountable and we provide a consistent high level of service.

VQS lead the way with recruiting, training, and sense checking the performance of our inspection team. Being independent, we offer inspection training to clients on an international basis. Our in-house developed inspection technology is robust, real-time, and flexible. It provides an exhaustive data stream that is consistent, credible and bespoke to each client. The VQS operating platform includes a client portal, providing inspection and POD information and a suite of reports that ensures clients remain informed and in control.

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Our Services


The Used Vehicle disposal chain has four core processes:

  • Inspections – To understand the condition of a vehicle at multiple points in time.
  • Logistics – Physical movement along the various service chain.
  • Refurbishment – To bring vehicles cost-efficiently to a client’s given standard.
  • Remarketing – To bring a vehicle to market quickly whilst maximising revenues.

VQS offer two core services:

Inspections – customer re-billing, refurbishment, and remarketing functions cannot operate without accurate and credible inspections.

Logistics – The service chain runs most efficiently with competitively priced vehicle movements. Our Inspect & Collect service is typically a mix of our own resources for end of contract and voluntary terminations and we offer a partnered solution for default and hostile repossessions.

In addition to these core services VQS offer further associated services:

Independent audits – allowing clients to understand supplier performance throughout the service chain. Our independence provides compliance as well as tangible cost reductions and includes value add initiatives.

Technology – providing clients with industry leading inspection technology and formatted to meet each clients requirements. The client portal into our in house operating platform keeps clients informed and in control of their assets throughout the process.

Support – our experience expands across the whole used vehicle supply chain and we offer clients our expertise to bring new technology and commercial efficiencies. We are here to help you!

Training – VQS offer coaching and proficiency awards to individuals or business looking to improve on their inspection capabilities.

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About VQS

Over the last 20 years, the industry has consolidated and large suppliers have expanded to offer all core processes as an integrated solution. Logic dictates this will bring efficiencies and savings to clients.

It makes perfect sense but what does it mean?

It means clients face reduced options with suppliers and reduced flexibility with their overall strategy. Suppliers can manipulate the market by subsidising individual core functions to competitively remove dedicated suppliers from the market. For clients its short term gain for long term pain.

Consolidation brings with it different challenges. Clients now face increased complexity with auditing the process cycle. Matching customer handover inspections with delivery notes, refurbishment job cards, and auction grades consistently isn’t easy.

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Meet The Team

Meet the people who make the system work within Vehicle Quality Solutions.

Our team have a span from all aspects of the Motor Industry, each one brings great knowledge to make our fleet inspection services bespoke.

We understand the Automotive Industry from New Vehicles to Rental, Refurbishment, Accident Management and Manufacturer Remarketing.

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