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VQS has been providing a range of vehicle inspection services to leasing companies, car manufacturers, rental companies and dealer groups since 2001. We have built up an enviable reputation for the quality and consistency of our fleet and manufacturer inspections, either remotely or on-site at a customer’s de-fleet premises.

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Onsite Inspections

We carry out over 140,000 inspection events at client premises a year. Our service is bespoke to each clients requirements and we have an in-depth understanding of both their return standards and their Quality Assurance standards. We are happy to use third party inspection equipment or supply our own solution to fit the client. Our inspectors generate or authorise over £50 million of refurbishment work annually and the thoroughness of our QC checks provide clients with a post sale issue rate of less than 1.5% of sales.

We operate out of 14 sites nationally, working with multiple suppliers allowing us to review emerging refurbishment technologies, processes and products. This enables us to provide recommendations and drive efficiency into the refurbishment process.

We negotiate “out of standard” charges on behalf of our clients and their customers in a fair and equitable manner. Being impartial it increases trust between all parties, reducing stress.

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Field Inspections

With 40+ inspectors that can operate in the field we cover the whole of the UK. Using our own Handheld technology we can quickly respond to clients that need confirmation of a vehicle’s integrity and description accuracy. This works particularly well for distant buyer and selling businesses, lenders using vehicles as security, and end of lease PCP/PCH operators. We carry out 38,000 field inspection events per annum checking odometer readings, service history’s, specification, loose items as well as condition.

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Inspect & Collect

We take responsibility for the whole process. Our call centre, based at Castle Donington, arrange 36,000 I&C events per annum. From contacting customers, arranging suitable dates and times to collecting and safely arriving vehicles. Our Call Centre team are approachable and professional, confirming with customers their agreed responsibilities and client expectations. The Call Centre telephony system includes conversation recording and the operating platform enables extensive note taking to ensure we call on time and deliver our service as agreed.

We operate 3 specific Inspect and collect services

  • End of agreement
  • Voluntary Surrender
  • Hostile Terminations

We work with selected partners to effect hostile terminations. We ensure they are FCA Registered, CONC (Consumer Credit Sourcebook) compliant, Quality Assured and reputationally strong.

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If you need to move a vehicle with or without a detailed inspection VQS can carry out single unit trade plate collections, non-runner transport movements or multiple vehicle loads

Our in house trade plate teams operate from numerous hubs in the UK and we can quote individually, on a matrix basis, or an equalised national rate.

We have exclusive terms in place with national vehicle carriers to manage non-runners and multiple loads and we can manage a mix of all three services to ensure we are efficient and expedient.

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VQS Technology

  • Operating Platform (BOPS)
  • Inspection Technology
  • Client Portal

Operating Platform (BOPS)

The VQS Portal BOPS is a tailormade bespoke inspection, collection, and call centre management tool and operating system. It provides a seamless booking process using key features like postcode lookups, vehicle checks and route planning. VQS recognise every client is different, and BOPS has been built with agility in mind so it can be responsively developed to comply with client requirements, whether that be bespoke reporting, applications settings or integration into host or third party supplier systems. All information gathered through the inspection app, call centre or back office system is reportable through the BI driven reporting suite, which hosts both generic and bespoke reports to support our client’s needs.

Our servers are Microsoft Azure and cloud-based and conform to extensive rigour and back up protocols.

Inspection Technology

Our field inspection team use our in house developed inspection system which facilitates detailed inspections, capturing exhaustive data backed up with high definition images. As well as damage location, damage type and repair methodology, the technology includes complex costing tables and signature capture that clients can bespoke aiding a successful customer recharging function for clients.

Client Portal

BOPS is equipped with a 24/7/365 client portal that allows our clients access to our business operations, inspection reports and Proof of Delivery notes. Being real-time it gives clients a high level of transparency with the progress of our services.

BOPS is fully GDPR Compliant, and built with security in mind, so clients can rest easy that their data is secure.

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Inspection and Refurbishment Audits

The UK used vehicle supply chain is consolidating. Suppliers are merging and diversifying in an attempt to drive efficiencies, promoting cost and process efficiencies. It is more important than ever for clients to reach out to independent businesses to provide checks and accountability to maintain standards and commercial prudence. VQS are, and will remain, independent with providing clients with audit services. VQS carry out over 71,000 audit events per annum

Audit compliance is becoming increasingly important and we check, inspection accuracy, the optimum repair methodology is applied, standards are met and pricing is accurate We collectively save clients over £4million a year.

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Being independent VQS offer inspection training globally. We offer training at our training centre in Leicestershire and on the road.

Our IMI accredited trainers typically train and examine 40-50 individuals per annum. Our typical client base includes independent inspection businesses, insurance companies, logistics operators, and remarketing businesses (remote buyers). We help and asses them with:

  1. Interrogation of inspection standards
  2. Component identification
  3. Identifying current faults, previous repairs, non-compliant components and recording loose items and service history details
  4. Selecting appropriate repair methods
  5. New technologies
  6. Customer management and safe working practices
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Industry Support

The senior management team have over 100 years of combined experience with inspections, logistics, refurbishment operations, and remarketing. We are happy to help clients answer business critical questions:

  • Are customer return standards appropriate, valid and in line with industry norms?
  • Are our lease end processes cost and time efficient?
  • Do we leverage routes to market effectively?
  • Is product consistent?
  • Are suppliers acting in our best interests throughout the cycle?

With the scale of our service provision, independence, experience, and industry knowledge we believe we are in a strong position to support clients.

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