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VQS Truck & Trailer Combination

VQS Expands Its Vehicle Transporter Fleet

The UK Fleet industry continues to increase demand for vehicle transporter services, specifically with moving Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV’s). To help meet their client demands VQS have expanded their transporter operations with additional truck and trailer combinations.

The trailers are fitted with electric winches, full width tail panels, assistor ramps and the triple axle configuration that allows a payload of 2.6 tonnes.

Simon Jackson, Managing Director says “We have decided to base our new outfits centrally in the UK, enabling our drivers to cover the UK’s major conurbations effectively. They can quickly be available to move BEV’s, technical non-runners (no MOT), or any vehicles that clients instruct us not to drive. The fast growing UK BEV fleet is stressing available infrastructure and VQS aim to ensure a reliable move, irrespective of distance.

Our trade plate teams remain front and centre of our logistical operation which will see close to 40,000 vehicles being moved this year.”

VQS frequently collect BEV’s from Scotland and deliver them into Midlands based Refurbishment & Storage centres. Driving BEV’s medium to long distances currently remains inconsistent with timeframe, making it more difficult to plan subsequent processes. This solution removes any inconsistencies.

To take advantage of VQS transporter services, please call Tim Collins on 01332 814086 or email tcollins@vqsltd.co.uk.


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