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A return to normality?

The last two months has seen slow but significant return of PCP, PCH and Business Lease contract returns.

Great…we are getting back to normal.

Not quite.

The recent hike in used vehicle values has put inventory owners under increasing pressure to return stock to the marketplace with increased vigour. Contract extensions which have historically bee re-priced downwards are now attracting premiums of 30% or more over initial contract agreements.
To many customers this doesn’t make commercial sense and contracts are now consistently concluding on time and the historical backlog now coming to its natural conclusion.
As logistics providers return their focus to their contractual activity, we have seen spot market volumes steadily rise and we think it’s almost at saturation point for available resources. Driver shortages will continue to put pricing under pressure as the balance continues to tip towards demand over supply.
VQS remain committed to increasing our capability. We have added 3 x 3.5t single car transporters, and the first of several truck and trailer rigs comes on stream later this month. Added to our 100+ driver team we anticipate a strong end to 2021.

If you need logistics…we can help. We offer a full national service and, for us, it’s all about the client supplier relationship.
Please call Tim Collins on 01332 814086 for our business terms.

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