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Are you willing to pay up to 35% more for your trade plate movements?

2 weeks ago, we asked this question on LinkedIn

It received over 1,000 views….and 1 response… (thanks Mark)

It appears everyone is keeping their opinions private whilst the industry waits for the forthcoming BCA test case verdict.
With the recent rulings affecting Uber and Deliveroo it is becoming clear the judiciary is currently cutting little slack with big businesses. Trade plate operators will likely have to concede and offer full time contracts to their drivers. The days of subcontract trade plate driving will soon be over.

But here is the thing, when the fanfare of success fades the devil will be in the detail.

We urge fleets and users of trade plate logistics to carefully review contracts issued by contractors to their drivers. Will drivers be at work with unpaid periods? Are the terms fair? Will drivers be able to achieve minimum wage standards every time they attend? Scrutiny at this level is due diligence and should be welcomed.

We suspect many drivers will not accept or will challenge employment contracts if they fall short of being fair, risking a considerable resource shortage in the market. Shortages in the logistics sector are well documented and it makes sense that costs will rise, much of which will be passed on to clients.

There may be trouble ahead!

We may be completely wrong of course…but if you need trade plate services that are fully IR35 compliant, fair and equitable to drivers, and fall in line with your own fair working policies you may benefit from giving us a call sooner rather than later.


We are here to help.

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