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Inspection Audits – A good time to take a close look at inspection performance and refurbishment spend?

We have recently carried out a spot audit for a large UK based vehicle fleet. Our audit team physically inspected, reviewed, and compared inspections supplied by the client’s current providers.

Why were we asked?

Our client’s Director of Fleet Operations has a pro-active stance to formal auditing. There has been concern with “project creep” and unqualified anxiety that the processing team were becoming over familiar and comfortable with the volume of requests for supplementary work.

Our expertise lies with our auditors operating all over the UK and having access to best industry practice. Our experience of inspecting vehicles throughout the whole defleet chain (logistics, refurbishment, and remarketing) gives us a great handle on expectations and standards.

We managed to save our client on average £278 on the audited vehicles, and it is important to understand where these savings came from:

  • Inspectors were being over cautious with borderline repair methods. The client has now addressed the fear culture that had crept into the inspection process that caused this issue.
  • An overly complicated pricing matrix providing ambiguity causing higher rates than necessary to be allocated. Following the audit where this issue was identified, the client agreed a compromise solution with the supplier and removed unnecessary work lines from the matrix.
  • Cancelling the reworking of some previous repairs that was felt could not be greatly improved. The client decided to look at in life repair policies to reduce poor previous paintwork issues.
  • Administrative issues where invoices and work orders did not fully match. The client carried out some retraining and focus with some administrative tasks.

If you do not have a formal audit process in place, it is something you should think about.

We can supply clients with a fresh pair of eyes and are fully independent.

Please call us, because now is a good time to start saving money.


Lee Mabbutt – Business Development.

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