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Are you thinking about the forthcoming logistical challenges?

Are you thinking about the forthcoming logistical challenges?

Planning end of contract inspection and logistics in recent months has been difficult with external factors influencing the unnormal patterns of business. There are numerous elements inventory owners should consider as the market normalizes through 2021.
As Voluntary Surrender and Repossession activity plays “catch up” it will take precedence over End of Contact and Voluntary Termination activity. This means the marketplace may suffer from a resource shortage short to mid term and at a time when speed will be critically important.
Now could be a good time to review your numbers and effectively plan to mitigate the likely impact that we think will shortly occur.
VQS have expanded our in house inspection & trade plate collection operation by 80% and are planning further expansion by the end of April 2021. We have partnered with two major national operators to co-ordinate activity for clients to include non-runners and fully compliant repossessions.
We believe there is value in supporting our clients with managing the multiple strands of inspection and logistics activity and we want to bring a more efficient cost structure to keep clients in control.
We are here to help you.

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